Rates for processes like scanning depend on the following factors.

1. The condition of the media being scanned. As an example, old photographs will replicate as old photographs. Scratches and stains will replicate just
as they appear on the original. Minor dust spots can easily be eliminated in post processing of the scan but physical damage will need to be retouched.
Pricing for this service will be determined upon examination of the media to be scanned.

2. Film media is often stored improperly and may exhibit physical anomalies because of this. Sample scans of a particular batch should be done before an
accurate price can be determined. Each scan is examined and corrected by hand. Assuming imperfections in the original are minor a 35mm slide scan
would cost $1.00 each. Orders of 30 or more images include the CD or DVD the images are delivered on. Smaller orders require a nominal charge for
the recording media.

Printing rates will depend on size, media chosen as a substrate and any post print processing such as mounting or matting. We don't just place a big
price chart here. Your image is not just another job in the queue. After looking at the file to be printed we will contact you to offer suggestions and
will at time provide a firm price. Our rates are competitive with other firms offering this service.

Rates for website development are dependent on a number of factors too detailed to quote offhand. We will be happy to call you at your convenience
to discuss the project. You will find our rates for this service in line with industry standards but include a level of dedication to quality hard to find

We look forward to hearing from you. Please visit the Contact Us page using the link above.