Like the proverbial shoemaker that walked around with holes in his shoes this website makeover has been a long time in coming. Glad I finally got
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Data Image is a full service digital imaging work center. The business began about twenty years ago in Middletown New York. At the time digital imaging
was just getting started. Most of the professional photographic world were still shooting film including us. As the first affordable digital camers came
to market we saw the potential and invested heavily in the new equiptment. Just the graphics card in our new Hi Res monitor cost more than we had
ever spent on any entire system previously. The business began with photo restoration. Working in a very early version of Photoshop which had only
been written for the Mac, the work was tedious. Most of the tools we take for granted today like the healing brush did not exist.

The reward for good work is more work. The business grew and as we predicted digital photography became the mainstay of the photo industry.
Our facility in Middletown, New York is still operating and we also work out of an additional facility in Ocala, Florida.